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MyProfyle is a new company run by veteran leadership using proven technology. We have been helping people and organizations combat the identity theft crisis since 2003 and we built the proven technology used by MyProfyle in 2011. It is an established identity protection platform run by an experienced leadership team. We tackle the problem of identity theft from both the consumer and organization side using a proprietary technology called IDveritas™ that will put an end to the $55 billion (United States) annual problem of Identity Theft.

Free For Life Consumer Protection

Check out the Consumer section to learn how MyProfyle works and how it is radically different and better than other solutions that are based on 1970s technology. Our approach to the problem of Identity Theft starts with an understanding that solutions based on privacy will never work because all of us have been exposed multiple times by data breaches and our information is already out there for anyone to buy.

MyProfyle’s approach returns control to the consumer. Thousands of companies buy and sell your information but as long as you are in a position to approve and reject any use of your identity, you are protected from Identity Theft. You can learn how IDveritas™ works here and read why it is better than all other solutions in our Consumers section here.

Helping Organizations

MyProfyle’s proprietary IDveritas™ technology not only protects consumers but it protects organizations of all types from fraud by providing a superior identity authentication platform. Our approach does not rely on third party data and is not subject to the legal and permissible purpose limitations of credit files and background checks. Just as important, we provide instant feedback on identity authentication requests and input from the consumer who can reject or approve any activity in seconds.

MyProfyle is Free For Life identity control. We invite you to explore our website as well as the Frequently Asked Questions section of our support website which you can access by clicking the HELP button in the upper right corner of this page. You can learn how IDveritas™ works here and read about the ways we help Organizations here.


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