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We want to hear from you. In order to direct your communications to the right people as quickly as possible, please direct your outreach as follows:


Non-members who have questions about our company or service can contact our member support team through our support website which is accessed by clicking the “HELP” button in the upper right corner. There you will probably find the answer to your question in our Frequently Asked Questions section but if you do not, you can leave us a message. You can also send an email to Member.Support[at]*.

Free For Life Basic Members

Click the HELP button in the upper right corner of our website to reach our support website where you can find answers to Frequent Asked Questions and other information that may address your needs. Our member support website will be continuously upgraded as we respond to the needs of our members. From our support page, you can contact a member of our support team. You may also send an email to our support team directly at Member.Support[at]*.

Due to the high cost of providing the outstanding service we strive for, we are unable to respond to telephone or mail contact from you unless we have specifically requested that you do so. Thank you for understanding.

Contact Specific Departments

Maybe you are not looking to contact a specific department or you have a business reason to contact us. Hopefully one of the following contacts will be helpful.

  • How to contact us based on your needs
  • Data Breach – if you were notified about a data breach or your company has experienced one: Data.Breach[at]
  • Jobs: Jobs[at]
  • Legal: Legal[at]
  • Member Support: Member.Support[at]
  • Partnership inquiries: Partners[at]
  • Public Relations: PR[at]
  • Sales of sponsored group programs: Sales[at]
  • Technical Issues (business partners only): IT.Admin[at]
  • Anything not covered elsewhere: Member.Support[at]
*To reduce the amount of spam we receive that is generated by “robots” that crawl websites like ours looking for valid email addresses, we disguise them by substituting [at] for the traditional @ symbol. Just type the email address with the @ symbol and it will reach us.

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