Eventually Everyone’s Identity Is Stolen

Can you keep your information secure in today’s digital world? Are security and privacy even possible? Sadly, your personal identity information is already out there. You already know about all the digital profiles containing your personal information that you set up with websites where you shop like Amazon, Uber or Netflix, or where you have social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. You also realize that profiles of you have been set up by others like your employer, your doctor and of course, the government.

  • Identity Theft strikes someone every two seconds
  • 15 Million people have their identity stolen each year
  • About 1 in 14 people have been the victim of identity theft

You are counting on these organizations to protect your personal information. But in reality, your identity has already been exposed – many times over. Each year, data breaches in the US expose far more people than the population of the entire country. Data breaches and other hacks of identity records are getting larger and more sophisticated. Identity theft is a $60 billion per year industry and it is not going away.

The only question is what will you do about it? You have three choices.

    Your Three Options in the face of Data Breaches
  1. Do nothing and wait until a collection agency or the authorities accuse you of something you didn’t do. Then try to resolve the problem yourself.Not fun.
  2. Subscribe to service that monitors your credit bureau file or another closed network of companies and hope that any fraudulent activity is detected by them. Experts believe that this may capture just 12% of Identity Theft.
  3. Join MyProfyle and protect yourself from more types of fraud.
Beyond Traditional Identity Monitoring

Today your identity profiles don’t just exist with banks and financial institutions. Every website creates a profile of you when you join – or when someone pretending to be you joins! Does a person planning to commit a crime join under their own name? Of course not. Your identity may be the target. Consider how you would be harmed by the following examples where a criminal:

    You Will Be Harmed When a Criminal:
  1. Uses your identity to get medical care paid for by your insurance. You don’t just receive a bill but now your medical records are incorrect. I hope you don’t need an emergency blood transfusion and receive the incorrect blood type!
  2. Joins a ride sharing service as a passenger (or driver) and robs or commits another crime against the unlucky driver (or passenger). I see trouble with the police in the cards.
  3. Registers with a dating website and harms someone while pretending to be you.
  4. Damages your credit impacting your ability to borrow or get a job
Stopping Identity Fraud with MyProfyle

MyProfyle is the fastest-growing network of consumers and organizations pursuing one goal – the end of identity fraud. Organizations can join for free and submit the profiles of consumers to verify. Consumers can join for free and find out when their identity is used and approve or reject the activity while sharing only their name and contact information. Premium MyProfyle Members have access to additional tools including the ability to contact Organizations directly, count on identity restoration services and more. Don’t simply monitor your identity, take control with MyProfyle. Others monitor your just your credit bureau reports, your existing financial accounts, or the activity of a private network of companies that only represent a small fraction of all identity traffic – perhaps as few as 1 out of 8 identity transactions. You deserve better protection. MyProfyle delivers.

Free For Life Identity Protection

MyProfyle is the only free way to monitor your identity activity and protect yourself from fraud. It is also the only system accessible by nearly any organization allowing us to protect you from many more types of identity fraud than credit monitoring alone. MyProfyle also protects everyone, even those who may not have credit files like children, students and new immigrants.

Act now to protect yourself and your entire family from identity theft.

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